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Why Pareto?

Pareto optimality states that systems become more efficient when you better match supply with demand. For the healthcare industry, Pareto optimality holds the promise of improving overall access while lowering costs.
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Our Solutions

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Referral Management for Large Health Systems

CareCompass optimizes patient referrals by connecting patients with specialty providers based on factors like network, insurance acceptance, and availability

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Referral Prescription Capture for 340B Participants

340B Referral Capture expands 340B program savings by automatically matching referrals with resulting prescriptions

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Diversity-focused Clinical Trial Recruitment

The par8o Research Network matches health center patients with clinical trials to improve racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity in clinical research

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Efficient referrals are a foundation of ensuring high quality care across patient populations, and par8o will confirm that every patient is seen, and seen quickly."
Jeremy Boal
Chief Marketing Officer
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par8o Perspectives

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Hello from the 340B Coalition Winter Conference!
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The 5 Components of Successful Referral Management
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340B Referral Capture & HRSA Audits: Policies & Procedures, Audit Results & More
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