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Bringing Pareto Optimization to Healthcare

Connecting the right patient to the right resource at the right time.


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Solutions for Large Health Systems, Health Centers & Clinical Researchers

Referral Management for Large Health Systems
Referral Prescription Capture for 340B Participants
Diversity-Focused Clinical Trial Recruitment

Foundational Beliefs

Successful innovation requires more than industry-leading technological know-how.
We keep each of our foundational beliefs central to everything we do.

Care Coordination is Critical.

Patients move between primary care clinics, hospital networks, and private practices as needed. Yet provider notes remain disconnected.

We believe care coordination and data sharing should be a simple, uncomplicated event for offices and patients, and each of our products strives to support this goal.


Measurable Results Matter.

Success must be measurable. Technology itself is not enough - a successful implementation requires ongoing support and change management prowess.

All products include enterprise-level reporting, from spreadsheets to integrations with data warehouses and business intelligence tools. 



Simplicity Drives Success.

Healthcare is complicated enough. When it comes to HIT, we believe simplicity is key to a successful deployment.

We focus on reducing operational burden and maintenance requirements so day-to-day operations carry on as usual - but better.


Healthcare Should Be Patient-Centric.

Patients are favoring individualized, concierge-like healthcare experiences. We keep this central to product development and apply the same belief to how we treat our clients. Our client relationship managers are exceptional and our support team consistently receives 95% or higher positive scores from end-users.
What Makes Us Different

par8o Perspectives

Our latest news, blog posts, case studies, webinars & more.
How We Have Institutionalized Racism in Healthcare & How We Can Address It
How We Have Institutionalized Racism in Healthcare & How We Can Address It

Explore how clinical trials have struggled to include appropriate ratios of racial and ethnic minority groups to date, and a possible solution.

The 5 Components of Successful Referral Management
The 5 Components of Successful Referral Management
As developed over 7 years of experience and over 1M referrals across a range of providers, payers, and self-insured employers.

340B Referral Capture & HRSA Audits: Policies & Procedures, Audit Results & More
340B Referral Capture & HRSA Audits: Policies & Procedures, Audit Results & More

Hear from PrimaryPlus and Choctaw Regional about their experience with par8o 340B Referral Capture, a HRSA audit, and building audit-friendly Policies & Procedures.

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A select set of health system and provider network clients that have deployed par8o enterprise-wide.
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