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Do you refer your patients to outside specialists?   

Do you include prescriptions from these specialists in your 340B program?

Is your documentation audit-proof?



Find out how to capture prescriptions written for your patients by outside specialists
- with gold standard compliance and no new hires.

par8o 340B Referral Capture is the only solution that directly addresses the "gray area" of 340B referral prescriptions. 


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WellHealth Quality Care
Mount Sinai Hospital System
  • Do your PCPs refer patients to outside specialists?
  • Are you avoiding including prescriptions written by these specialists in your 340B program due to operational and compliance concerns?
  • Do you include these prescriptions by using 340B split billing software and hope for the best
  • Considering hiring full time staff to run your referral department and chase after patient notes? Now you don't have to.
  • By retrieving consult notes from the outside specialist and making them available to the CE and the TPA, par8o 340B Referral Capture helps you meet HRSA's documentation guidelines, mitigating compliance concerns.
  • Use potential additional savings to expand programs that help address needs of underserved patient populations.

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  • How to evaluate your 340B program and stop losing savings on a daily basis - with real client examples

  • How to capture prescriptions written for your patients by outside specialists - with gold standard compliance and no new hires

  • Why NOT contracting with a specialty pharmacy can be costly - and how it's easier to contract with one than you might think

  • How to help complex patients who can't get to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions with home prescription delivery - and include the new prescriptions in your 340B program


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How We Capture 340B Referral Prescriptions with your 340B Vendor

Follow the patient's journey to see how 340B Referral Capture works in conjunction with your 340B vendor to "close the loop" between you and your referral partners.


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How does 340B Referral Capture do this specifically? It depends how your organization currently operates.


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Referral Capture


par8o 340B Referral Capture offers multiple ways to integrate to your EMR or workflow to capture patient referrals.

Patient Encounter/Visit Feed


Your 340B vendor or pharmacy receives a supplemental encounter feed that includes the referenced prescription and consult notes for each visit.

Referral Dashboard

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Use our web-based referral portal to track referral status and review referral consult notes. Conduct your own self-audit.

EMR Integration



par8o 340B Referral Capture supports all industry-standard EMR integration options, including DIRECT and HL7, and can build custom integrations if necessary.

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 65 % 

of the 182 FY16 340B audits
resulted in negative findings.


Source: HRSA Program Integrity FY16 Audit Results

 52 %

of those negative audit findings were due to ineligible prescriptions
causing forced repayment to manufacturers. 

Eligibility findings.png 

Source: HRSA Program Integrity FY16 Audit Results


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