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    4 Questions that Determine if 340B Referral Capture is Right For Your Health Center

    By Sonali Duggal • June 4, 2019

    As we all know, the 340B program is critical for covered entities, community health centers in particular, to provide essential health care for patients in need. As par8o expands its 340B offering to more clients, the question that we get asked most frequently is: What could this mean for my organization in terms of additional 340B savings?

    For some of our clients, the answer has been substantial. We've noticed some trends among the clients that see the most benefit from our program, which would apply whether you use our services or have a referral department dedicated to "closing the loop" after referrals.

    The following questions will help you understand if your health center can achieve significant savings by adding referral prescriptions to your 340B program:

    • How systematically do your providers enter referrals into your EMR? Our top clients have highly standardized internal workflows so that providers enter referral details in the correct fields in their EMR. 
    • Are you contracted with the right specialty pharmacies? Our top clients contract with Walgreens specialty, and it turns out that many of the independent specialist providers the CE's patients were referred to also sent prescriptions to Walgreens specialty, allowing our clients to capture those prescriptions.
    • How large is the health center in terms of patients, referral volume, and number of contracted pharmacies?  The number of patients matters, of course, but so does the reach of contract pharmacies and your referral volume - the more you have, the more likely it is that patient specialty visits result in specialty prescriptions that are filled at one of your contracted pharmacies.  
    • How likely is your local specialist network to send back consult notes? Our top clients already had specialist offices in the habit of returning consult notes after patient visits, and they also proactively reach out to offices that do not return consult notes to get them to do so more consistently. This is helpful for 340B capture but also, more importantly, what is needed clinically to close the loop on patient care.

    One of our clients mentioned that given the higher value of prescriptions written by specialists, they expect the savings resulting from referrals to eclipse the 340B savings from PCP prescriptions.