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    [Video] par8o Introduces an Innovative Approach to Clinical Trial Recruitment

    By Hannah Drake • December 1, 2020
    clinical trial recruitment

    We at par8o have worked hand-in-hand with America's health centers 2017. This has helped us develop a profound understanding of the great work health centers do, and how they constantly strive to offer better quality care through innovative approaches to unique challenge facing their patient populations. One of the powerful problems health centers can help solve is ending racial disparities in clinical trials, which benefits their patients in the long-term and helps advance medical research for all.

    Watch the video below, or read our whitepaper on the topic, to learn about how the solution lies within optimizing the connections between community health centers, diverse patient populations, and clinical research teams.

    par8o #3 - par8o Introduces an Innovative Approach to Trial Recruitment - Promo.com v2


    Learn how par8o Research Network can help increase diversity in clinical research. 

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