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    Go with Great: Why We're The GOAT of 340B Referral Capture

    By Hannah Drake • October 14, 2021

    par8o has always taken a compliance-first approach to qualifying referral claims for 340B pricing. We first built our product with a lot of input from industry consultants, legal, and regulatory experts -- and a lot of time-tested knowledge about what it takes to operationalize processes in healthcare that can vary a lot from one office to the next. 

    When you pick a solution for your healthcare organization, you want to ensure that the solution is going to integrate as seamlessly as possible into your existing workflow. You want the expectations set by your sales rep to match the reality of your experience. And you want your post-sales experience to make you feel as important as you did when someone was trying to get you to sign a contract. And, of course, in addition to all of that - you want results.

    A Seamless Claim Matching Workflow 

    par8o 340B Referral Capture integrates with the largest contract pharmacies, as well as a growing list of TPAs. This allows us to have the "lightest touch" solution possible as far as work on your end. In short, we use technology to pair referral and patient data from your EHR with claims data from your contract pharmacies to identify your patients' claims. Then, our team does the manual work of retrieving and reviewing patient encounter notes from your referral partners, reviewing the notes for evidence of the related prescriptions, and making the notes available to your EHR. 

    Your Experience Matches The Expectations We Set

    Our approach to client relationships is high-touch, with a nod towards independence as you grow with us and as you prefer. Before that, we don't do high-pressure sales. We explain the benefits, our cost structure, and guide you through the process from first learning about our solution through multiple question and answer sessions as needed, signing TPA addendums, and introducing you to the client operations team who will handle your implementation and go-live. 

    In addition, we pride ourselves on being very honest about the capabilities of our services, including self-imposed limits - there are some scenarios we do say "no" to, as it doesn't match our internal compliance minimums. And our stance on compliance is now verified by several HRSA audits - to date, none of our clients who have been subjected to an audit have had any findings on any of our claims. 

    Our Results Are Unmatched In The Industry

    We are about to cross the $70MM line in lifetime additional savings returned to our 180+ 340B client base. We constantly analyze and review each client's performance to identify and optimize data feeds and referral capture rates to make sure your implementation is performing as well as it can.

    In addition, we support your overall 340B program compliance by providing sample Policy & Procedure text, making recommendations to your overall approach based on our experience, and consistently sharing industry news that will you help you better run your 340B program. We also provide around-the-clock support should you be selected for a HRSA audit.

    What Really Makes Us the GOAT of Referral Capture?

    I could tell you what I personally think, but what really makes us the GOAT (greatest of all time) of 340B referral capture is this: Every single one of our 340B clients is still a current client. Our results and approach continually win us hard-earned respect for what we do, to the point that our partner TPA list is consistently growing. 

    Check out what a 340B consultant wrote on a recent NPS survey:

    "Functionality is great compared to other referral capture programs that I have worked with. Many options for choosing to exclude a claim / provider / patient scenario." 

    We're different because we do what we say we're going to do, and when you join us as a client we take your trust in us seriously. You are continuously valued. 

    While we respect and enjoy that there is competition in today's marketplace, we stand firm in our belief that nobody does 340B referral capture better or more comprehensively than we do.

    So if you're evaluating referral capture offerings, I'd leave you with this: we're the only 340B referral capture company that is NOT a TPA. When a company specializes in a specific area, they are bound to put more effort, time, money, and old-fashioned hard work into ensuring that the solution is not just good, not just passable, but great.

    And why wouldn't you want to go with great? 

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