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    How Arizona Care Network improves network care coordination and patient access for 5,500 providers and over 180,000 patients with par8o's patient referral platform

    By Hannah Drake • January 23, 2018

    Arizona Care Network (ACN), a physician-led clinically integrated network of over 5,500 providers in the Phoenix-area, faced a challenge common to an increasing number of healthcare organizations. Its growing network, which supports over 180,000 patients and includes a Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) and several commercial Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), needed a way to coordinate patient care among its diverse network of independent providers that employ various EMRs.

    A long-standing pain point in healthcare is the lack of interoperability between different EMRs - while an EMR may be full-featured within the confines of the EMR itself, most care coordination features require that all offices to use the same EMR - an ask that is increasingly difficult to achieve.

    Read the Case Studypar8o's patient referral management platform is EMR agnostic, fully accessible to all. Getting an office up and running with par8o accounts is a quick matter of data collection (e.g. staff and provider info). Once offices are live, we look closely at metrics of adoption, performance, and satisfaction. Referral coordinators using par8o report high user satisfaction due to both the platform and par8o's industry-leading end-user support -- important factors when seeking to deploy a solution at 180 referring offices, as well as even more receiving offices seeking to be better healthcare partners and provide the best patient care transition possible.

    These features, combined with par8o's ability to intelligently direct referrals to a specific list of providers based on both an organization's priorities, such as patient satisfaction, and network design, and patient priorities, such as insurance acceptance, distance, and spoken language, made par8o a top pick during the competitive RFP process run by one of ACN's parent owners, Dignity Health, that soon followed. Dignity Health sought a referral solution that could track ACN's attributed lives, scale easily with its quickly growing network and integrate into existing office workflows.

    Today, ACN sends over 5,000 patient referrals per month via par8o from 180 referring offices. Over the course of 2017, par8o's built-in referral analytics demonstrated that by implementing par8o, ACN improved patient access metrics such as a reduced wait time to appointments and overall faster patient care coordination between referring and specialist offices.

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