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    340B Q&A with United Health Centers' 340B Program Coordinator Ric Mahackian

    By Kirsten Onsgard • January 18, 2021

    Richard Mahackian, 340B P.C. (Finance-Corporate)We are excited to share real stories from our 340B Referral Capture clients in our new series. Check back each month to read a new Q&A and glean insights from your peers in 340B. Interested in being featured? Please contact your par8o account representative.

    United Health Centers is a Federally Qualified Health Center and includes more than 18 health centers in 50 communities in California’s Central Valley. United Health Centers has been a par8o 340B Referral Capture client since 2018. 

    340B Referral Capture identifies prescriptions written by referred-to specialists, allowing organizations to capture more eligible prescriptions. When a patient fills a prescription at a contract pharmacy, par8o receives the data from the pharmacy or third-party administrator. Then, par8o contacts the specialist’s office to request patient encounter notes and reviews the notes for compliance. 

    More than 140 health centers trust par8o 340B Referral Capture to help them capture 340B revenue and improve compliance. It is the only 340B referral technology that partners with both major pharmacy chains. 

    Since signing in October 2018, par8o has verified 847 claims for United Health Centers. Their most commonly drugs captured include Lantus Solo, Januvia, Jardiance, Eliquis, Tradjenta, Breo Elipta and Linzess. United Health Centers works with Walgreens and Equiscript. 

    We interviewed 340B Program Coordinator Richard (Ric) Mahackian about how par8o has supported United Health Centers. Here's what he had to say: 

    Tell me about yourself and your organization. Who do you serve, what is your role and what is your day-to-day like? 

    We serve various communities within the Central Valley from rural areas to larger cities. We are committed to providing accessible and comprehensive quality health care to every patient that walks through our doors. We offer comprehensive primary care services such as medical, dental, behavioral health, chiropractic, podiatry, optometry and free transportation to and from our health centers! 

    My role as a 340B Program Coordinator at its core involves ensuring our 340B program is in compliance with HRSA. Additionally, I work with other team members to grow our 340B contract network and ensure that we maximize our potential.   

    How has par8o supported your organization’s 340B program? 

    Par8o has kept its “eyes open” for claims that may slip through the cracks, from patient encounters with our providers to specialty referrals. It is great to have that level of support to help us find savings that we can potentially miss. 

    How does 340B funding specifically help your organization? 

    340B funding helps us expand access to the communities in medically underserved areas. 

    What is your No. 1 tip for HRSA compliance? 

    We all have a common understanding that a well-established 340B Policy and Procedure document is important, but I believe having a person or team dedicated to your 340B program is essential. Always keep the future in mind!

    What are some of your goals for 2021? 

    Some of my goals include:

    • Maintaining compliance with HRSA
    • Keep on expanding our 340B contract network
    • Maximize the potential for existing programs 
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