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    This Just In: Two More par8o Clients Pass a HRSA Audit With No Findings on 340B Referral Claims

    By Hannah Drake • June 3, 2021

    Last summer, the first par8o 340B client completed a HRSA audit - and 100% of par8o-captured 340B referral claims were found to be compliant with HRSA's regulations! 

    Today, we're excited to announce that our second and third 340B clients have successfully completed HRSA audits with zero findings on par8o referral claims! At the time of writing, five additional clients have preliminary no findings on par8o referral claims (pending final results), and the ninth client subjected to a federal audit is still awaiting communication from the Bizzell group.

    "Our team works extremely hard on behalf of clients not just to help expand their 340B programs but to do so with a compliance-first mindset. That's why it's so exciting to us when a client goes through and passes a HRSA audit with par8o claims," said Steph Caiazzo, 340B Director of Client Operations & Analytics.

    "Referral claims tend to be higher value, and thus given more scrutiny by auditors," she continued. "Our team is extremely proud that no par8o claims have resulted in an audit finding; our compliance checks are thorough! It means a lot to be able to take a bit off the plates from our clients and help bring additional resources to communities across the country that need them most." 

    par8o's Approach to 340B Compliance

    par8o’s collective goal with its 340B referral claim solution is that all claims qualified by our technology and review team are fully compliant with 340B regulations, bringing much-needed 340B funding to the rightful 340B covered entity and its patients.

    Under our program, there are several phases that a claim goes through before it’s considered approved for 340B pricing. In Phase 1, par8o technology automatically analyzes various data feeds to identify candidate patient claims. Subsequent checkpoints are designed to prove two items: first, that the patient is a valid health center patient; and second, that the referring health center “owns” the patient’s care.

    In addition to a few timeframe parameters, patient ownership is primarily proven through the presence of outgoing referrals, a validated recent encounter at the covered entity, and detailed prescribing provider consult notes.

    While the initial phases in the 340B Referral Capture program are primarily automated with technology, phase 3 is arguably the most important. During Phase 3, each claim is put through a six-point compliance check that is manually reviewed by a par8o 340B Program Compliance Specialist.

    Download Our Compliance Hand Out

    For a more detailed look at how par8o qualifies claims for 340B pricing, complete this form to access our three-page explanatory hand out. 


    340B Program Referrals Whitepaper