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Choctaw Regional Medical Center Grows 340B Program by 7% with par8o; Passes 2020 HRSA Audit with Zero Findings

Learn how 340B Referral Capture helps Choctaw capture referral prescriptions in this case study. 

About Choctaw Regional Medical Center

Choctaw Regional Medical Center is a 15-bed Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in Ackerman, Mississippi that serves 38,000-40,000 patients annually and has one retail contract pharmacy and 11 specialty contract pharmacies. Choctaw serves patients in a mixed-use setting that includes infusion centers and telehealth, which has been vital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program allows certain healthcare organizations that serve uninsured, underinsured, or publically insured populations (known as covered entities or CEs) to obtain prescription drugs at a significant discount for patients that meet a three-part patient definition. Choctaw, like other CEs, uses funds generated by the 340B program to help support vital programming and services for its patients.

Business Requirements
  • Needed a way to optimize its 340B program for chronic care patients by improving continuity of care
  • Needed to ensure referral prescription claims were compliant with HRSA's regulations
  • Needed to partner with an organization that could capture Walgreens scripts
Choctaw Regional 340B Case Study

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