We navigate patients to the right resource at the right time, every time.

par8o is named after the 19th Century Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, who first defined the powerful economic concept of "Pareto optimality" in which a system is able to maximize benefits for each and every participant. When applied to the healthcare industry, Pareto optimality holds the promise of being able to improve overall access to healthcare while lowering costs.


Three key principles sit at the heart of everything we do

Graphic Simplicity

Simplicity drives adoption

We have designed our platform to be simple and delightful to use, requiring minimal time filling out unnecessary fields and the quickest navigation to the right provider for the patient.

Graphic Healthcare Local

All healthcare is local

Each of our clients is unique, with different business objectives, workflows and technology systems. As a result, our solutions are highly customized to meet their needs.

Graphic Technology

Technology is necessary but not sufficient

We believe in providing not just the technology platform, but also the analytical tools and support to drive adoption and organizational change.


Our leaders have a track record of success in technology and healthcare operations.

Daniel Palestrant, MD


Daniel studied at Johns Hopkins, Duke University, and Harvard Medical School. He cofounded SERMO, the largest online physician community in the world, which was acquired in 2013.

Adam Sharp, MD


Adam is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician who co-founded SERMO, the largest online physician community in the world. SERMO was acquired in 2013.

Ian Goodrich


Ian brings particular expertise in building scalable platforms, including WebMD.

Roc Hargrove

SVP, Product

Roc brings over 10 years of experience in SaaS product management, including Zmags and Optaros.

Sonali Duggal

SVP, Business Development

Sonali brings experience in marketing and business development with leadership positions at Medtronic and the Clinton Foundation.

Melissa Opraseuth, PharmD

SVP, Operations

Melissa brings experience in health system transformation at University of Michigan, and expertise in drug development and commercialization strategy.


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