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What Our Customers Say

Client Leadership & End-Users Alike Endorse par8o

par8o's network and referral management solutions offer a technology cornerstone that enables our provider network to coordinate their efforts and provide high-quality, cost-effective care to our members.

Steven Keltie, President, Business Development
DaVita/Healthcare Partners


CITYMD Urgent Care

"par8o creates a seamless experience for our team and transfers clinical data from our system to the next step in a patient's care. This represents a big technology-driven step forward."
Dr. Nedal Shami
Chief Strategy Officer

Iora Health

"Through real-time integration with our EMR, par8o reduced the time it takes Iora to process a referral and made it easy for our care teams to quickly find the best specialist for our patients."
Gabrielena Alcala
Director Medicare Risk Operations

Mount Sinai Health System

"Efficient referrals are a foundation of ensuring high quality care across patient populations, and par8o will confirm that every patient is seen, and seen quickly."
Jeremy Boal


Elite ENT

"par8o has helped us stay organized with our referrals and be able to find in-network providers for our patients when we refer out."
Leti Gonzales
Medical Assistant

The Pain Center

"I love how easy it is, especially being able to chat with referring offices instead of staying on hold. I wish every office had this system. I'd never have to stay on hold again!"
Jazmine Gonzalez
Clerical Staff

HealthCare Partners

"The system is easy to understand and the support staff is very helpful."
Joanne Galope
Referral Coordinator

A Few of Our Customers

Institutions such as Mt. Sinai Health System, Dignity Health, and CityMD have relied on par8o to coordinate care for over one million patients and counting.
adventist gray
Iora Primary Care
CityMD Urgent Care
Baptist Health
culinary health fund
St Joseph Health
Ryan Network
Well Health Quality Care
MHC Healthcare
Mount Sinai Health System
Dignity Health
MGM Grand
Jessie Trice Community Health System
Thundermist Health Center
Providence Community Health Centers
Amity Group Foundation

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