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Ending Racial Disparities in Clinical Trials

How BioPharma & Health Centers Can Come Together to Improve Health Equity

White Paper Abstract


PRN Whitepaper iPad less marginThe American population is increasingly racially and ethnically diverse: the 2010 US Census reported four “minority-majority” states, including Texas, California, Hawaii, and New Mexico. However, clinical trials have struggled to reflect the diversity of our nation. This truth has concerning downstream implications: First, clinical research suffers. Second, the healthcare community falls short of its collective goal to achieve health equity.

Health centers, which serve a higher percentage of racially diverse populations, may be the "missing link" in making sure drugs and vaccines are safe and effective for the entire US population. A workable solution, however, must align with the the health center mission, respect the population's unique concerns and require minimal change to existing operations.

This white paper explores several main ideas:

• The downstream effects of a lack of socioeconomic, racial, and cultural diversity in clinical trials

• The socioeconomic and racial diversity of health center patient populations

• How health centers can assert a role in clinical research that helps achieve health equity for their patients

In discussing each of these areas, par8o sets the foundation for the par8o Research Network (PRN), a groundbreaking endeavor to improve disparity in healthcare treatment options accessible by the nation’s health center patients.


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