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The Leading Patient
Referral Management System

par8o offers a comprehensive suite of referral management technologies to connect and empower provider networks.

Who Uses par8o

Our clients have used par8o to refer over 2M patients in the following settings:
Health Systems
Health Systems

Bring visibility to provider affiliations across a network at the point of the referral.

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Community Health Centers & FQHCs
Community Health Centers & FQHCs
Capture 340B savings from prescriptions resulting from referrals.
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Coordinate care across multiple practice groups and EMRs.
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Call Centers & Patient Access Centers
Call Centers & Patient Access Centers
Centralize inbound referrals and find the right provider for patients.
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340B Covered Entities
340B Covered Entities

Capture 340B savings from prescriptions resulting from referrals

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Offices Use par8o


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Patients Served

Why Referral Management?

Learn why our software is used to refer thousands of patients every day by institutions such as Dignity Health, Adventist, Mount Sinai Health System, and more. 

What is referral management?


Refer Patients In-Network, Consistently

par8o helps primary care providers and specialists refer patients to in-network providers based on your preferred networks, insurance acceptance, proximity, and more. Our referral management system can also vary navigation based on payer and plan.

Create a High-Performance Provider Network

With enterprise-level reporting, par8o empowers healthcare systems to hold providers and staff accountable for getting patients seen when needed, allowing organizations to manage downstream spend and take on risk.

Unlock Patient Access

Our 'Care Compass' recommends referred-to providers for each referral based on clinical urgency and scheduling availability, ensuring that patients are seen when needed it by providers who meet their clinical needs. 


Give Patients a Concierge Experience

Better care coordination and real-time referral statuses mean patients are never lost to follow up after a referral has been made. Plus, automated patient texting makes it as likely as possible that patients attend their appointment.
What Makes Us Different

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AdventHealth Partners with par8o for Care Coordination, Patient Experience
AdventHealth Partners with par8o
AdventHealth, one of the nation’s largest faith-based health care systems, selected par8o to enhance care coordination and the patient experience through more effective referral management across the health system.
The 5 Components of Successful Referral Management
The 5 Components of Successful Referral Management
As developed over 7 years of experience and over 1M referrals across a range of providers, payers, and self-insured employers.

340B Compliance & Prescriptions From Referrals
Recorded Live 3/20/19
Learn from par8o about navigating the murky waters of 340B compliance and prescriptions resulting from referrals in "340B Lessons from the Field - Including Referral Prescriptions In Your 340B Program: What It Takes To Be Compliant". This session was presented at the Winter 340B Coalition and is now available on-demand.

Our Customers

A select set of health system and provider network clients that have deployed par8o enterprise-wide.
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