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Sophisticated Referral Management Software

Refer patients to the right in-network specialists at the most convenient locations & improve care coordination throughout your network.

Features & Benefits

par8o's referral management software is designed with an easy and intuitive interface that ensures quick adoption by providers and staff across all offices and access centers.  


Provider Recommendation List

par8o's Care Compass creates a personalized list of recommended providers for each patient based on network, insurance acceptance, proximity, patient satisfaction, office responsiveness, and more.
Care Compass Provider Recommendation List Example

Searchable, Accurate Provider Directory

par8o consolidates all of your network data sources into a single source of truth to create a searchable provider directory.  par8o decentralizes updates to keep provider data up-to-date by the office staff who know the data the best.  
Provider Directory

HIPAA-Compliant Instant Messaging

par8o Messaging allows referral coordinators to communicate instantly with other offices and patients without phone trees, hold music, voicemails, or fax machines. It's care coordination done right.

Integrated Appointment Scheduling

When patients have referral appointments scheduled at check-out, they are much more likely to attend the appointment. par8o shows available appointment slots when the referral is made for immediate booking.  

Real-Time Analytics

See where your referrals are going & how quickly providers see patients and close the clinical loop, so that you can hold your providers accountable for making sure patients have the access they need.
Referral Pattern Map

What Makes par8o Unique?

par8o is designed for adoption across networks of both employed and independent providers & integrates into the clinical workflow where needed.

Sophisticated, Configurable Provider Recommendations

Our Care Compass provider recommendation algorithm is highly configurable and sophisticated enough to support your network no matter how complex. Taking on risk with contracts such as the Medicare Shared Savings Program? We'll navigate patients to in-network providers based on their specific plans.
Referral Provider Network - Medicare Shared Savings Program - Fee-For-Service - Employer Contract
Multiple EMR integration/interoperatibility via HL7 and Direct Secure Messaging for referral management

We Specialize in Supporting Networks with Multiple EMRs

Healthcare systems often include employed and independent providers. Even in an employed system, mergers & acquisitions mean multiple EMRs. We integrate via HL7 and Direct Secure Messaging to minimize change to the referral order workflow for your PCPs no matter if your network is made up of one EMR used by employed providers or varying EMRs found in CINs, ACOs and large hospital systems.

par8o Messaging Modernizes Care Coordination

Free referral coordinators from hold music & fax machines with our in-app communication tool that lets healthcare professionals triage referral appointments, update information, and exchange documents as needed. It's care coordination that's more efficient and lets staff multi-task - Pareto optimality at its finest.
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