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par8o Research Network

Bringing health center patients access to clinical research

Accelerating Access to Clinical Research for Underserved Populations


America's patient population is socioeconomically and ethnically diverse, yet clinical trials fail to reflect the diversity of our nation.


Health centers can solve this crisis by providing access for their patients to participate in clinical research.


Previously, regulatory responsibility combined with workflow and resource constraints made it nearly impossible for health centers to partake unless they partnered with nearby academic medical centers.


We've innovated a solution that connects patients to trials in a way that's easy for providers who don't typically participate in research to utilize.


It's time for change.

A Concierge Service That Matches Patients with Trials

After our technology identifies trial candidates, we inform both the patient's PCP and the patient about the trial opportunity and assess interest.

If it's a fit, we coordinate care between your facility, the patient, and the trial site.

No research activity is performed at your clinic, no installation is required, and providers can be as involved as much or as little as they like.


Provide the Best Treatment Options To Your Patients

We know that health center grantees strive to offer the best care to patients regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. 

By adding clinical trials to your treatment plan options, patients receive standard of care or better.

Support Clinic Operations with New Funding

In working with over 100 of the nation's health centers in 340B Referral Capture we learned just how valuable revenue is to health center operations.

PRN participating organizations are compensated for participating in research.

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