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Increasing Diversity in Clinical Research with America's Health Centers for Greater Health Equity.

Connecting Health Center Patients with Nearby Clinical Research, including COVID-19 Vaccine Trials


America's patient population is socioeconomically and ethnically diverse, yet clinical research fails to reflect the diversity of our nation. 

In particular, COVID-19 is hitting minority populations the hardest, with Black patients experiencing a higher mortality rate from the disease than any other demographic.

Yet, Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans are underrepresented (1% - 15% or participants) in the clinical research that is being conducted right now.


It's time for change.


Health centers can help solve this crisis by participating in clinical research initiatives.


par8o technology makes it easy.

Now Your Patients Can Be Medical Heroes, Too.

Your staff is front-line defense against COVID - the true heroes of this pandemic.

Now, patients can become medical heroes by signing up to be screened for a COVID-19 vaccine trial. 

How? We work with you to identify which patients are eligible for which trials. Then, we work with you to reach out to patients and assess interest.

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Help Increase Diversity in Clinical Research

New vaccines and medicines depend on clinical research to ensure they are safe and effective for the general population.

When trials lack racial, ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic diversity, research fails to meet its goals. 

It's our societal imperative to increase diversity in clinical trials. Given the unique population health centers serve, health centers are the missing link in increasing trial awareness and trial participant diversity.

Offset Lost PCP Visit Revenue with New Funding

Some health centers have temporarily closed doors, and still others operate with vastly reduced PCP visits - which affects billing and revenue.

PRN members are compensated by researchers for helping to publicize the vaccine trial.

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