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par8o Research Network

Collaborating to improve diversity in clinical trials
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The Problem

Clinical Research Fails to Reflect the Diversity of Our Nation

We now know that who we are and how we live impacts how therapies interact with our biochemistry. Because of this, it’s essential that we increase diversity in clinical trial participation so that new therapies deemed safe and effective are, in fact, safe and effective for everyone.
The Solution

PRN: Bringing BioPharma and Health Centers Together to Improve Clinical Research

The par8o Research Network (PRN) aims to increase both access to and diversity in clinical trials by connecting health centers with clinical research opportunities.

For health centers, par8o offers a way for their patients to be informed of clinical trials that are nearby and relevant to them. Health centers can connect their patients to research without the operational burden of becoming a trial site themselves.

For biopharmaceutical research companies, par8o works with health centers to identify relevant patients based on clinical data and coordinates with their trusted providers to inform them of research opportunities. America’s health centers treat patients that are disproportionately poor, racially and ethnically diverse, and disease-burdened. par8o helps make research efforts more accurately reflect the populations they are ultimately looking to serve.

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Data-Based Patient Identification

par8o analyzes EHR data to identify trial participant candidates. Depending on the implementation, health centers can let par8o identify and qualify patients automatically against trial criteria, or do it themselves.

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As Easy as a Patient Referral

Patient referrals are everyday activities for primary care facilities. By leveraging this workflow, we make it easy for health centers to participate in research - and easy for trial sites to receive pre-screened, quality trial candidates.

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A ‘New’ Patient Population

Today, health center involvement in research is minimal. All patients deserve to know when a trial is happening nearby that’s relevant to their disease state. All patients deserve the choice to participate.

How it Works


Health centers select trials for participation

par8o works with health centers to align trials with health center populations.


Health centers identify potential participants

Patients are identified by searching EHR data for key eligibility criteria, such as diagnosis codes.


par8o or health center qualifies patients

Patients are contacted for initial trial awareness/education and to determine participation interest.


par8o coordinates patient handoff to trial site.

Interested, qualified patients are referred to the triavl site coordinator. par8o closes the loop with the health center to keep informed of patient status with the trial.

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